10 Best Career Opportunities in Denver

Oil Industry

Denver—the most populated city in Colorado—offers a lot in terms of career opportunities. Denver’s economy is the 18th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. The unemployment rate is also among the lowest in the nation (4.2%) and continuing to drop. Denver has many promising industries ranging from storage and transportation to housing and finance.

Oil and Petroleum Industry:

Fracking is going to be a very big source of oil in the next several years. This industry is promising to grow as drilling for oil on the ocean floor is risky work. Fracking involves taking oil that is found in shale and extracting it for gasoline and other purposes. Oilfield engineers will make about $51,000 per year in the coming years and petroleum engineers can make over $120,000 per year being based out of Denver, Colorado. Fracking could be the wave of the future as the nation looks to expand its supply of energy.