10 Degrees That Almost Guarantee a High Paying Job


Just getting a degree can take considerable work and sacrifice, so it’s important to choose a degree that will really get you somewhere. By going with a program that basically guarantees you will come out making over $75,000 a year, you will feel better as you continue eating Top Ramen for dinner while your friends with a bachelor’s degree and an office job are eating at Cheesecake Factory.
10. Nurse Anesthetists

With the tenth percentile of people in this field making $106,000 a year, you will almost be guaranteed to be making above the $75,000 mark. People with this degree help administer anesthesia to patients in a hospital or medical office, monitor that patient’s vital signs, and sees that the recovery process goes smoothly. They can work with a variety of anesthesiologists, other doctors, or even dentists.