10 Fastest Growing Jobs in 2015 and 2016

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Whether you are looking to start a career, or switch over from the one you are currently in, it’s a great idea to check out which jobs will be in demand for the future. There are plenty of fields that are hot for 2015, even if some areas of the U.S. economy might not be churning like they were several years ago. Getting into any of the following fields can make finding a job easier than in other industries, plus some employers could even be throwing extra money or other benefits at qualified people so they can fill positions.

This list is based on future projections made by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau is predicting that overall employment in the country will increase throughout the next ten years, especially in fields like health care, construction, and social assistance. Not surprisingly, those three areas dominate the list.

10. Event Planners

It helps to have a bachelor’s degree to get into this field, but that isn’t necessarily a requirement. Having a degree will open doors at better-paying positions. It is also good to have some experience planning events and meetings. In addition, having a Certified Meeting Professional or CMP accreditation can help your chances of securing solid employment.