10 Tips For Writing a Great Resume

The resume is the first impression that you make on an employer. It is essentially a marketing tool that helps sell your talents and skills, whilst also highlighting your experience and expertise. A resume should therefore, stimulate the employer with a ‘call to action’. Of course, you would want your resume to carry a striking effect, and focus on your positive qualities to ensure that you get short-listed for the position. The information on your resume is an important factor in landing you your dream job, which is why you need to learn the best tips for writing a great resume. Here are 10 of the very best:

1) Go For A Video Resume

Make your resume differently and offer something unique to employers that makes you stand out from others applicants. A video resume is the best way of marketing yourself in an engaging and interactive manner to potential clients. This way you will also be able to market your skill set to the employer in a creative manner and it will also represent that you think outside the box.