12 Most Expensive Colleges In The US

With college tuition rising much faster than the rate of inflation, parents need to plan years in advance to fund a college education for their children. College tuition is not the only factors that contribute to soaring college education costs. Fees, textbook prices, and accommodation costs also add to the already burdensome college expense picture. Although a vast majority of colleges cost tens of thousands of dollars for just one academic year, 12 higher education institutions make the list as the 12 most expensive colleges in America.

12) Claremont McKenna College РClaremont, CA

Less than 1,400 students enroll at prestigious Claremont McKenna College located in California. Low enrollment translates into low student to professor ratios, which means tuition costs must account for higher than average professor salaries. Housing costs also contribute to the annual price tag of nearly $60,000 to attend the liberal arts college. One of the highest cost of living indexes in the United States also makes Claremont McKenna College an expensive college to enroll.