12 Most Intense Colleges In The US

Whenever the mention of American college and universities comes up in a conversation, two criteria invariably rise to the top of the rankings list: Academics and social life. More conservative (Forbes) college ranking articles and blog posts refer to academic standards, while more liberal (Rolling Stone) online publications tend to emphasize the party scenes of American institutions of higher learning. However, college should be all about balancing the rigors of intense studying, with a high energy party atmosphere. Although academics should be the most important criterion for choosing an American college or university, you should also be able to come away with a highly regarded degree and still say, “I had a fun-filled four years.
The 12 most intense schools in the United States combine the elements of high academic standards and vibrant social scenes. Yes, you can study hard and party hard during the most formative years of your life.

12)┬áVanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

No, the most intense SEC school is not located in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. Vanderbilt University leverages the school’s close proximity to downtown Nashville with incredibly high academic standards to produce one of the most intense schools in the country. Students often start the partying on Greek Row, before taking the party downtown to one of Nashville’s highly touted nightclubs. Vanderbilt University students that graduate with engineering degrees also receive honorary degrees in partying.