12 Questions to Ask When Picking an Online University

Regionally or Nationally Accredited

Picking an online university can be tricky but many of the questions you should be asking are much of the same that you would ask a traditional university. Questions like tuition and financial aid may seem fairly obvious, but there are also questions of accreditation which, with traditional universities, did not need to be asked. But, since online schooling is a fairly new concept, these types of questions need to be considered in the university selection process in terms of online institutions.

Is this institution regionally accredited, nationally accredited, or both?

You want to attend a school that is recognized just about everywhere you go otherwise it won’t matter much to a potential employer. If you plan to only ever work in your region, then a regional accreditation should be fine but if there’s the slightest chance you will be moving elsewhere try and stick to a nationally accredited institution.