15 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

For a long history of working and careers, men have long been the “bread winners” or the “head of the household.” However, now that times have changed and shifted, women are entering the workforce at historic rates. Careers that used to be male dominant are now becoming more evenly blended with males and females. Even though women are making quite a remarkable change in the workforce, there is still quite a sizeable wage gap for the same exact jobs between males and females. Why is this so? Regardless of reasons, there are many careers where women hold the precedent and earn more than men, for the same job. Listed below are 15 jobs you can expect to see where women make more than men.

1. Teachers.

When you think of teachers, it is not too often that you think of them earning a high-paying salary, but there is a large gap in the earnings between male and female teachers, especially the preschool and kindergarten teachers. Women largely dominate men when it comes to being teachers, with 98 percent reported kindergarten and preschool teachers being female. Due to this reason, among others, women predominantly make more money than men in this profession and it is not even close. If you have a knack for helping to grow the minds and development of young children, consider this as an employment opportunity.