18 Billionaires With Only High School Diplomas

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There’s clearly a strong relationship between education level and wealth, that’s clear. However, there are quite a few who have achieved extraordinary success and wealth, yet don’t have more than a high school diploma (in fact, some don’t even have that!). While education can be helpful, sometimes instinct, ambition, street smarts and luck can be equally empowering. Here are some of the world’s richest people who only have a high school diploma.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has an estimated worth of $8 billion, which makes him the 155th richest person in the world. He is an American fashion designer, business executive, and philanthropist. He has a collection of rare automobiles that have been displayed in museum exhibits all over the world. Recently, it was announced that he will step down as the CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation, but will stay active in his new roles as Chief Creative Officer and Executive Chairman.