11 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories

Pop on your tin foil hats and gather round, kids. It’s time for story hour. I am going to turn the spotlight on some of the most famous conspiracy theories but also toss a couple of concepts out there that you may not have heard of before. These tales come from deep inside the confines of the paranoid and skeptical caches of people who encrypt all of their message board posts.

You or someone you know is probably into conspiracy theories to some extent. Like the best urban legends or a great ghost story, conspiracy theories are fascinating to most people. There are some who get very prickly about the subject and feel anyone with an interest is out of their minds. But, let’s face it, those people will be the first to accept the false flag event and end up bunkered in their un-prepped apartments hiding from the zombies. We’ll be ahead of the game. The views in this article are not necessarily the views of this publication. You be the judge of what’s true and what’s not. Muahahaha.

Moon Landing

That moon landing though? Total fake. There are exactly seven thousand fifty-four reasons for this and you are clearly a moron if you believe the hype. For starters, the flag blowing in the wind is clearly simulated because: physics I can’t explain and you just have to trust me on. Wait, no- trust nothing! Question everything! Examine for yourself! But you’d best come to the conclusion that the footprints in the moon dust are all wrong or I’ll start to think you’re a plant. The prints are obviously also fake. Neil Armstrong? He’s probably illuminati if he was in on it and if not, he got totally MK Ultra-ed.