11 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories

By The_Admiralty via Wikimedia Commons

Paul is Dead

Do you love Paul McCartney, or are you really just duped into believing Faul? Faul is what the Paul is Dead truthers call the new Paul, or ‘fake Paul…Faul.’ This one is easy to dismiss outright at first, but the further down the wormhole you travel, the more you start to wonder. Amature facial recognition experts from the safety of their dark basement confines have generated a slew of side by side and superimposed comparisons of the faces of the two individuals that they believe clearly prove that Faul is fake. The ears hold the key.

There are several theories about how Paul actually bit the big one, including that John Lennon cracked him over the head with something, that he was murdered in France, or that some unspeakable governmental plot befell him. Many fans believe that John’s guilt or ironic sense of humor led him to leave clues in the music with both backward masking and direct references in lyrics.