11 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories

By San Quentin via Wikimedia Commons

Helter Skelter

When the fascinatingly twisted and horrifically tragic Manson cult embarked on its reign of terror in 1969, they referenced the Beatles song Helter Skelter in bloody wall scrawl. In the months leading up to the Tate/LaBianca murders that ultimately led to the cult’s demise, it is said that Manson spoke of the song in the context of it symbolizing an impending race war. This somehow made the whole scenario even creepier. Add to that the fact that the ‘children’ appeared slightly zombified and completely under Manson’s puppet master thrall and the country was riveted to the story. Some still believe that Helter Skelter was more than the ramblings of a madman and others enjoy the challenge of psychologically dissecting Manson’s rise to and fall from power.