11 Most Fascinating Facts About Global Warming

This is your buzzkill alert. The rest of this article is not for the faint of heart. At the same time, the only way to take control of the vehicle that is Global Warming is to understand that it is real and we are largely to blame. If we continue to ignore this ‘inconvenient truth’ we may very well be sentencing ourselves to a slow and gruesome death by our very own hands. There was a time when scientists were not in agreement about the seriousness of this situation, but that time is long past. Expert thought leaders in the field agree that it is far past time to do something to stop and hopefully reverse what we have already done to the planet.

Global Warming doesn’t only mean hotter temperatures. It means weather changes, increases in allergic reactions to the environment, the death of wildlife, and other terrifying things that are the stuff of nightmares. The very least you can do as your part in the struggle is to share this information or this article itself with your friends to help them gain a deeper understanding of the crisis. Grassroots effort can shape political opinion and we must all do what we can to impress the importance of reversing Global Warming on global leaders and local politicians.

Greenhouse Gasses Are Helpful In Normal Moderation

The term Greenhouse Gas has become the environmental equivalent of an enemy of the Church of Scientology: it’s been the subject of a real black PR campaign. The truth is, in normal moderation, greenhouse gases help to keep the temperate nature of the Earth stabilized so that humans and animals can live on its surface. Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and nitrous oxide are all naturally present in the atmosphere and contribute to the climate we need to survive. The Greenhouse Gas Effect more specifically relates to the rising levels of greenhouse gasses which do threaten the very environment they stabilize in more normal levels. It’s about quantity and the addition of synthetic gasses that is tipping us over the edge.