11 Most Fascinating Facts About Global Warming

If the Environment Becomes Ruined, A Dystopic Nightmare Could Occur

It can be hard to emotionally connect with the idea that people living thousands of miles from you could be underwater or that the destruction of coral reefs is a horrific thing occurring to the Earth, but food is easy to relate to. We all need food to survive, and plant life is heavily dependant upon the weather and climate. Not only could the plants we produce for agriculture suffer, but the meat industry will also be affected since the food for the animals consists largely of plant material. Imagine a world under the confines of food scarcity. Now take into consideration that the world’s population is growing at a rate of around 1.13% per year. More people are coming and Global Warming could mean there is even less to eat. The Walking Dead is fun to watch on television, but will not be fun to experience. Global Warming won’t produce zombies, but it could result in a similar dystopian world that pits humans against each other for mere survival.