8 Highest ROI Jobs For 2-Year Degrees


Let’s face it, a four-year college degree is expensive and does not always guarantee a job. A public university will set you back around $40,000, while private colleges and universities often cost well over six figures. Here are some jobs that you can get with a two-year degree from a community college or trade school. In some of the jobs on this list, professional experience, apprenticeship training, or other similar experience can substitute for a degree.

1. Nurse

Many community colleges and trade schools offer a two-year associate’s degree that leads to an RN certificate. In some ways, going to community college for nursing is more practical than getting a four-year BSN. Community colleges have required clinical hours for nursing students, which give them valuable experience in the profession. If you feel that you just want to get an LPN, you can get this certification after a year in some states. Nurses do well financially, especially when they are attached to a public hospital. The median salary for nurses is about $60,000 per year.