8 Wealthiest NFL Players

“Peyton Manning” flickr photo by Jeffrey Beall shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

1. Peyton Manning-$229,732,000

Not only has Peyton Manning earned the most of any other NFL player in the history of the league, he has also done a great job of making the dollars and cents grow by making shrewd business investments. His highly publicized commercials for Papa John’s underscore the more than dozen Papa John’s franchise stores he has opened in the Denver metropolitan area. His nearly $230 million net worth sits more than $70 million more than what his brother and Tom Brady have accumulated. Manning signed a five-year $96 million contract to play in Denver, which represents the third lucrative contract he signed during his illustrious career.

While NFL fans read stories about down and out former players that squandered millions, many players retain their wealth by making strong investments in either property or financial instruments, or both. The NFL conducts extensive financial planning seminars for first-year players and the union keeps financial issues at the forefront of its player relationships campaign. As the Manning brothers and Brady demonstrate, it is possible to leave the NFL with body mostly in intact and a bank account overflowing with money.

Just ask Roger Staubach. The former Cowboys quarterback is reportedly worth over $500 million.