9 Best Paying Jobs You Can Get With a High School Degree

power line electrician

Some people find that a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree is not a good fit for them. Contrary to popular belief, several job opportunities exist for those who possess a high school diploma and a strong work history. Here are the top 9 jobs that you can get with just a high school degree.

1. Power Line Electrician

Every year, natural disasters and storms damage electrical infrastructure across the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the high “average” salary for these electricians just over $60,000 per year. This career path is expected to grow by almost 10% in the next few years. Power line installers and repairers are in high demand and often receive their training through apprenticeships and employer-sponsored training programs.

With global warming contributing to many natural disasters, field electricians are going to enjoy relatively stable long-term job security.