9 Part Time Jobs That Pay Up to $40 an hour

makeup artist

In the new economy, many people find several part-time jobs to fill out a 40-hour workweek. Often, these part-time jobs can play off of a person’s hobbies and interests, letting them do what they love for a living. These jobs often exist outside of the regular 9 to 5 schedule, but let individuals live their passion.

1. Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are professionals that augment a person’s appearance for a production or a special event. Makeup artists working on television or theatrical productions often possess an innate knowledge of different historical periods to make the actor or actress appear authentic. For weddings, black tie events, and balls, makeup artists often help people look amazing. The highest paying makeup artist jobs are found in New York, San Francisco, Nevada, and other places where glamour is the norm. Some makeup artists start out in the $13 to $27 per hour range, but the best command well over $40 per hour.