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11 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories

Pop on your tin foil hats and gather round, kids. It’s time for story hour. I am going to turn the spotlight on some of the most famous conspiracy theories but also toss a couple of concepts out there that you may not have heard of before. These tales come from deep inside the confines of the paranoid and skeptical ...

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11 Most Fascinating Facts About Global Warming

This is your buzzkill alert. The rest of this article is not for the faint of heart. At the same time, the only way to take control of the vehicle that is Global Warming is to understand that it is real and we are largely to blame. If we continue to ignore this ‘inconvenient truth’ we may very well be ...

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Top 20 Bible Verses About Love

Girl holding hands in heart shape at beach

Love is a very personal thing that can send shockwaves of emotions through our bodies and mind. Yet love isn’t something that can just be defined as sharing between two people. Love can be about family, acceptance, faith and even spirituality. Don’t make the mistake of defining love as something simple between two people when it’s so much more! This ...

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20 Most Popular Bible Verses

Silhouette of Happy Family and Dog

There is a healthy respect for Bible verses that make the mind work. A strong mind is required to understand the words within, and a creative mind is needed to put it to good use. People in all professions can recall a verse that gives them energy to make it to the next day, so perhaps you will find one ...

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10 Best Career Opportunities in Denver

property manager

Denver—the most populated city in Colorado—offers a lot in terms of career opportunities. Denver’s economy is the 18th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. The unemployment rate is also among the lowest in the nation (4.2%) and continuing to drop. Denver has many promising industries ranging from storage and transportation to housing and finance. Oil and Petroleum Industry: Fracking ...

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10 Best Career Opportunities in Phoenix

legal services

Phoenix is a hotspot for business in the American Southwest. Those who hold a 4-year degree will do quite well, finding work in a wide variety of different markets. The manufacturing, electronics, and retail industries are also quite prominent in Phoenix. Additionally, Phoenix is home to several community colleges and other institutions. This list of 10 best career opportunities in ...

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13 Jobs That May Be Taken Over By Robots


Are people becoming obsolete? Apparently. There are millions of jobs that are at risk due to advancement in technology right now and listed below are just 13 of them. If you’re looking for a job that will last you more than twenty years, keep these off of your “to-do application list.” Bank Teller This has been coming for a long ...

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18 Best Career Opportunities For Women

petroleum engineer

Whether you have a degree or not there are always opportunities for women. If you’re looking to make great money, work hard, and get the most satisfaction out of your job consider this list of 18 career opportunities for women as of 2015. Reputation Manager A reputation manager is a person who maintains a company or person’s reputation and presence. ...

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12 Questions to Ask When Picking an Online University

percent of grads that get jobs after college

Picking an online university can be tricky but many of the questions you should be asking are much of the same that you would ask a traditional university. Questions like tuition and financial aid may seem fairly obvious, but there are also questions of accreditation which, with traditional universities, did not need to be asked. But, since online schooling is ...

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8 Highest ROI Jobs For 2-Year Degrees

computers and technology

Let’s face it, a four-year college degree is expensive and does not always guarantee a job. A public university will set you back around $40,000, while private colleges and universities often cost well over six figures. Here are some jobs that you can get with a two-year degree from a community college or trade school. In some of the jobs ...

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