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15 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

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For a long history of working and careers, men have long been the “bread winners” or the “head of the household.” However, now that times have changed and shifted, women are entering the workforce at historic rates. Careers that used to be male dominant are now becoming more evenly blended with males and females. Even though women are making quite ...

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30 Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Geniuses

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For some reason, people generally don’t think of professional athletes as being world class intellects. Maybe it’s the high school stereotype of the dumb jock. These 30 athletes show that athletic ability and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. Some of these will really surprise you. 1. Alex Smith Sport: Football Team(s): Kansas City Chiefs How We Know He’s So Smart: ...

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30 Billionaires With Only High School Degrees

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Conventional wisdom is that a good education, including a college degree, is key to becoming successful. And for most people, this is good advice. However, some people have defied conventional wisdom and managed to become enormously successful and wealthy. We’ve profiled 30 multi-billionaires who’ve built some of America’s and the world’s great fortunes; who have private jets and 200 foot ...

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50 Ivy League Educated Celebrities

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The eight Ivy League Schools – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown and The University of Pennsylvania – turn out some of our great business leaders, professionals and political leaders. But you’d be surprised to find out how many of America’s biggest celebrities have graduated from these great colleges. We’ve compiled a list of 50 people you’re likely familiar ...

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Most Shocking 2016 Vice Presidential Candidates

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The 2016 US Presidential race has been the most interesting in recent history. On the Republican side you have Donald Trump, a real estate magnate and reality show host. On the Democratic side you have Hillary Clinton, a former first lady, Secretary of State and 2008 presidential candidate up against Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old self-declared socialist from Vermont. ...

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20 Richest Doctors In The United States

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Becoming a doctor means that you want to help people, but it can also be a very lucrative job as well. While many make enough to support their family with a little extra, other doctors have made their career into a multi-million or even billion dollar job that allows them to live their life like a celebrity with all of ...

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20 Places Where Jesus Walked


Although Jesus lived over 2,000 years ago, many of the key events in his life, as told in the bible, took place in places that to this day remain very much as they were in Jesus’ time. We’ve put together a list of 20 places where Jesus walked that you can still visit today. 20. The Church of the Holy ...

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Most (and Least) Educated 2016 Presidential Candidates

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One of the more interesting aspects of the candidates for the 2016 Presidential contest is their educational diversity. At one end is a popular governor who attended college in his home state and on the other end is an outspoken senator who was educated at Princeton and Harvard Law School. We’ve researched the candidates and applied a formula that took into account ...

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25 Highest Paying Jobs With a 2 Year Degree


In an economy that keeps rising and inflation catching up with a lot of the costs around the nation, finding a well-paying job is becoming more and more competitive. It used to be that high paying jobs were well within reach if you stayed with an organization for long enough, but this is no longer the case. Many companies now ...

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18 Billionaires With Only High School Diplomas

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There’s clearly a strong relationship between education level and wealth, that’s clear. However, there are quite a few who have achieved extraordinary success and wealth, yet don’t have more than a high school diploma (in fact, some don’t even have that!). While education can be helpful, sometimes instinct, ambition, street smarts and luck can be equally empowering. Here are some ...

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