College Costs

9 Steps To Graduating College Debt-Free

Skyrocketing college tuition rates have plunged college students into deep financial holes. If car prices had increased as much as college tuition, the average new car in 2015 would cost more than $80,000. College students and their parents have resorted to debt financing college costs that include tuition, books, computers, and housing. According to the Department of Education, the typical ...

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8 Critical Facts About Student Loans

Skyrocketing college tuition costs have made student loans an integral part of college financing for many students. Yet, most college students do not grasp the complexities of student loans. They simply sign up for classes and expect the loan money to pay for the cost of tuition. College students must thoroughly understand every element including the fine print. College students ...

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12 Most Expensive Colleges In The US

With college tuition rising much faster than the rate of inflation, parents need to plan years in advance to fund a college education for their children. College tuition is not the only factors that contribute to soaring college education costs. Fees, textbook prices, and accommodation costs also add to the already burdensome college expense picture. Although a vast majority of ...

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