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Most (and Least) Educated 2016 Presidential Candidates

One of the more interesting aspects of the candidates for the 2016 Presidential contest is their educational diversity. At one end is a popular governor who attended college in his home state and on the other end is an outspoken senator who was educated at Princeton and Harvard Law School. We’ve researched the candidates and applied a formula that took into account ...

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18 Billionaires With Only High School Diplomas

There’s clearly a strong relationship between education level and wealth, that’s clear. However, there are quite a few who have achieved extraordinary success and wealth, yet don’t have more than a high school diploma (in fact, some don’t even have that!). While education can be helpful, sometimes instinct, ambition, street smarts and luck can be equally empowering. Here are some ...

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12 Ivy Leaguers Who Committed Horrible Crimes

America’s prestigious Ivy League universities have produced some of our greatest business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians. They’ve also produced more than their fair share of murderers, terrorists, embezzlers and other criminals. Here are 12 of the most notorious criminals who have Ivy League educations: 1) Ted Kaczynski School – Harvard University, Class of 1962 Background – Kaczynski was a child ...

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16 Harvard Educated Celebrities

Harvard University – the top ranked college in the United States – is known for its graduates who go on to accomplish great things. More Presidents of The United States have graduated Harvard than any other college; many of today’s great business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, authors and intellectuals were educated at Harvard as well. What you may not realize is ...

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20 Celebrities With Genius IQs

When you hear the word “genius”, images of scientists, professors, computer programmers and billionaire business titans probably come to mind. Musicians, actors and actresses are not people we usually associate with extreme intelligence, but these 20 celebrities may change that. IQs of 135 or higher are considered genius level.  IQs above 160 are higher than 99.99% of the population. One ...

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25 Ivy League Educated Celebrities

Spend some time watching TMZ or thumbing through a tabloid at the supermarket and you’ll come away thinking that many celebrities aren’t all that bright. You’d probably be surprised though, at how many well known actors and actresses not only attended college, but graduated from Ivy League schools, among the best in the country. Here are 25 surprising Ivy League ...

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