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15 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Modern building and business

For a long history of working and careers, men have long been the “bread winners” or the “head of the household.” However, now that times have changed and shifted, women are entering the workforce at historic rates. Careers that used to be male dominant are now becoming more evenly blended with males and females. Even though women are making quite ...

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25 Highest Paying Jobs With a 2 Year Degree


In an economy that keeps rising and inflation catching up with a lot of the costs around the nation, finding a well-paying job is becoming more and more competitive. It used to be that high paying jobs were well within reach if you stayed with an organization for long enough, but this is no longer the case. Many companies now ...

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10 Best Jobs For Moms With Young Children


It can be hard for new moms with young children to find the right jobs. However, just because you have a little one to look after now doesn’t mean that your career prospects should take a backseat. There are plenty of great jobs with outstanding pay that are available for moms with young children, and the best part? You don’t ...

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10 Tips For Getting a Raise or Promotion


Approaching your boss for a raise or promotion can be one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences imaginable.  We’ve put together 10 useful tips to ease that anxiety, and more importantly, help you get the job or salary increase you’re after. 1) Build Your Case and Present It Asking for a salary raise is similar to negotiating with a seller. Your objectives as ...

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10 Tips For Writing a Great Resume

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The resume is the first impression that you make on an employer. It is essentially a marketing tool that helps sell your talents and skills, whilst also highlighting your experience and expertise. A resume should therefore, stimulate the employer with a ‘call to action’. Of course, you would want your resume to carry a striking effect, and focus on your ...

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10 Great Reasons To Become a Nurse


Nurses are presently the largest group of healthcare workers in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 2.7 million nurses across the United States are employed at nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities and at doctor’s offices. Nursing is a prestigious and in-demand profession that offers good earning potential, job security and a sense of ...

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10 Best Jobs For Retirees


Retirement does not necessarily mean an end to working. Many retirees seek out work for supplemental income, to keep them mentally and physically active or both. Unlike younger workers, retirees usually aren’t looking for long term career advancement and they desire flexibility so they can enjoy their golden years. We’ve put together a list of 10 great jobs that are ...

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Women – 12 Tips To Ace Your Job Interview

be prepared for common questions

Today’s job market is extremely competitive. That resume you send to a prospective employer is probably just one of dozens or hundreds all sent in for the same job. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to the interview process, you’ll still be up against some stiff competition for that job you really want. In an ideal world, you’d be ...

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11 Super Successful People Who Got Their Degrees Online

mary peters

You don’t need a degree from an Ivy League College or other elite university to accomplish great things in life. Degrees earned online are in many cases as good as or better than degrees earned by attending classes at a physical campus. We’ve put together a partial list of highly accomplished people – many are household names – who earned ...

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Best and Worst Jobs For 2016


A lot of factors go into determining what is a good or a bad job. How in demand is it? Is there opportunity for growth and advancement? What is the work environment like? Is the job dangerous? Is it stressful? How much autonomy will I have? Perhaps most important is how much it pays. We’ve taken all these variables into ...

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