Most Shocking 2016 Vice Presidential Candidates

 Photo by Andrew F. Kazmierski, via

Photo by Andrew F. Kazmierski, via

The 2016 US Presidential race has been the most interesting in recent history. On the Republican side you have Donald Trump, a real estate magnate and reality show host. On the Democratic side you have Hillary Clinton, a former first lady, Secretary of State and 2008 presidential candidate up against Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old self-declared socialist from Vermont.

It seems like every day there’s a huge political story dominating the news, and we’re still over six months away from the election. The two parties are months away from picking which candidate will represent them in the general election, but already speculation is heating up over who each candidate’s vice-presidential picks might be.

Some of the names being tossed about as serious contenders could make this election cycle even more controversial and newsworthy than it’s already been. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting people said to be under consideration. We bring you their backgrounds and some brief points to explain why they’d be a good pick and why they might not be.

We hope you find this as interesting as we did.

First the Republicans (Click Here To Jump Ahead to the Democrats):

Sarah Palin
The Good: She has strong support among grassroots conservatives, broad national recognition and could appeal to women voters.
The Not-So-Good: Considered very divisive. Could turn off a lot of moderates and independents. Not generally viewed as someone capable of handling Commander In Chief responsibilities.
Age: 52
Education: University of Idaho
Political Experience: Former Mayor of Wasilla; AK, Former Governor of Alaska; 2008 Vice Presidential Nominee